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Christine Frodl-Gottschalk (1964–2018) – In memoriam

Christine Frodl-Gottschalk passed away on 7 February 2018, aged 53, after a long period of serious illness.

Christine Frodl-Gottschalk was an employee of the German National Library in Frankfurt am Main from 1983 to 2017. After training for the executive grade at academic libraries, she started off in Cataloguing, before moving on to “Zentrale bibliografische Dienstleistungen” at the German National Library. Responsible for the area of Metadata and, later, for the department of Standards for Descriptive and Subject Cataloguing at the Office for Library Standards (Arbeitsstelle für Standardisierung, AfS), she dedicated herself with extraordinary energy, enthusiasm and tenacity for the internationalisation of library standards and policies. She carried out development work here, both in the German-speaking library sector and at international level, and formed networks, which the Library’s work still benefits from today. In so doing, she helped the German National Library to become the first institution outside of the Anglo-American region to have seat on the RDA Steering Committee. She played a pivotal role in the creation of the European RDA Interest Group, EURIG. She was the first representative of the German National Library on both committees and handled her duties in this capacity with great success. Christine Frodl-Gottschalk had an excellent reputation, both in Germany and internationally, and was extremely popular among her colleagues.

Christine Frodl-Gottschalk was not only eager to further her education and acquire new knowledge in her professional life. In addition to her demanding professional occupation, she also successfully and joyfully completed a master’s degree in Modern German Literature and Social and Behavioural Sciences. She also pursued a wide range of personal interests and sporting activities outside of work, including fencing at semi-professional level for many years.

In 2016, her illness forced her to take a step back from standardisation work, which involved strenuous business trips, a decision that was very difficult for her. Up until she retired from service, she supported data services in the Digital Services department in project tasks.

We knew Christine Frodl-Gottschalk as an intelligent, determined colleague, who was always courteous and friendly; she set high standards, not only for herself, but for us, too, and she was always open-minded in her dealings with others. Transparency, fairness and collegiality were important to her. In her respectful manner, she was a driving force behind the formation of a peer consulting group during the activities following the initial employee survey. She conducted herself with a joie de vivre, a sense of optimism and the belief that there is a solution to be found to every problem. She was a fighter who did not accept defeat easily, and this is also how she handled her illness.

Christine Frodl-Gottschalk will be sorely missed. We will remember her as a charming and warm-hearted colleague and shall cherish her memory. Our heartfelt sympathies go to her family and friends.

On behalf of the general management and all of her colleagues
Ute Schwens
Ulrike Junger
Renate Gömpel
Thorsten Schulze

Last update: 29.3.2018

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