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Events and exhibitions in the German National Library in Leipzig during the Leipzig Book Fair 2017

Press release:  16.3.2017

The German National Library shall once again have its own stand in hall 5 (H 513) at the Leipzig book fair this year. As part of "Leipzig liest" a number of readings and special guided tours shall be taking place in the German National Library on Deutscher Platz. Further information (available only in German)

Johannes Bobrowski and Lithuania // Panel discussion on the focal theme of the Leipzig Book Fair with Helmut Böttiger, Andreas Degen, Cornelius Hell, Laurynas Katkus and Ingo Schulze // German National Library in Leipzig // Thursday, 23 March 2017, 18:30

To give a literary testimony on the lost culture of his homeland and the causes of its demise – Johannes Bobrowski made this his mission. The great German lyricist and modern storyteller was born in 1917 in Tilsit in East Prussia; he grew up in Königsberg, fought as a German soldier in Eastern Europe and subsequently lived in East Berlin as a publishing editor.

On the occasion of his 100th birthday, acknowledged experts on Bobrowski speak about him and his writing: about his significance for German and Lithuanian literature, about their personal encounters with this complex work, and about its relevance more than fifty years on from the untimely death of the author.

In cooperation with the Lithuanian Culture Institute as part of the "Leipzig reads" festival of literature
Meeting room
Free admission

German Book Prize 2016 // Bodo Kirchhoff "Widerfahrnis" // Reading and discussion. Hosted by: Dr. Joachim Unseld // German National Library in Leipzig // Thursday, 23 March 2017, 20:00

"Bodo Kirchhoff tells of the incredible awakening of two people, who have no goal, only a common destination – the south. (…) When they pick up a young vagabond woman, they once again encounter fundamental themes of their past: loss, parenthood, radical new beginnings. Kirchhoff's 'Widerfahrnis' (which roughly translates as 'encounter') is a multilayered text that masterfully weaves together the existential questions of private and political life and leaves the reader wondering", said the jury, justifying their choice of winner of the German Book Prize 2016.

In cooperation with Frankfurter Verlagsanstalt publishing house as part of the "Leipzig reads" festival of literature
Doors open at 19:30, reading room
Admission: EUR 5.00 / EUR 4.00 (reduced)
Tickets can be reserved at or call +49 341 2271-286, or purchase a ticket on the door.

Helga Schütz "Die Kirschendiebin" // Reading and discussion. Hosted by: Angela Drescher // German National Library in Leipzig // Friday, 24 March 2017, 18:00

Thomas Falkenhein remembers his secret love as a student in the 1960s, which ended abruptly when Mela, his "Kirschendiebin" (cherry thief) had to flee to the West with her family. Years later they meet again. This story is tinged with a slight air of melancholy, which tells of a fond farewell in times of separation, the twists and turns of fate, and of one great love, for which it is never too late.
Helga Schütz lives in Potsdam working as a freelance author and has written screenplays and scenarios for feature films and documentaries. Her most recent works include the novels "Grenze zum gestrigen Tag", "Knietief im Paradies" and "Sepia".

In cooperation with Aufbau Verlag publishing house as part of the "Leipzig reads" festival of literature
Doors open 17:30, Lecture hall
Free admission

Benedict Wells "Vom Ende der Einsamkeit" // Reading and discussion. Hosted by: Andrea Reidt // German National Library in Leipzig // Friday, 24 March 2017, 19:30

The novel "Vom Ende der Einsamkeit" (Diogenes Verlag publishing house) tells the story of three siblings with a sheltered upbringing, who are uprooted after the accidental death of their parents and are then forced to live more or less separate lives at boarding school. Their initial trauma turns into life coping skills, culminates in a strong bond and a shared life model with their children.
This touching novel gained Wells the Book Prize for a Family Saga from Stiftung Ravensburger Verlag in 2016.

In cooperation with Stiftung Ravensburger Verlag publishing house as part of the "Leipzig reads" festival of literature
Free admission, reading room
Reservations at or call +49 341 2271-286


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