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"Brausepulver im Nachtgeschirr" – 100 Jahre Humor in deutschen Zeitschriften

The 20th century has gone down in history as a century of wars and criminal regimes. But an era of laughter? Humour, satire and nonsense have certainly been universally available for more than 100 years. Magazines played a central role in making entertainment affordable for the masses as a "medium of the modern age".

Low-cost publications provided a witty commentary on current developments. In deceptively harmless ways they broached subjects such as class, gender, ethnicity, power, enmity and community. In doing so, they also expressed unpleasant truths, the equivalent of putting "baking powder in the chamber pot", to loosely translate the title of the exhibition.
Harmless humour or sharp satire, ribald frivolity or silly nonsense: humour in all its popular forms can speak volumes.

The gallery exhibition has been developed in cooperation with the Institute of Communication and Media Studies of the University of Leipzig.

Titanic (Cover), Juli 2005, Nr. 7.

Titanic (Cover), Juli 2005, Nr. 7. Titanic (Cover), Juli 2005, Nr. 7.Titanic (Cover), Juli 2005, Nr. 7.

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