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Exilpresse digital - German exile journals 1933-1945

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
Project duration 1997-2003

The purpose of the project of the Deutsches Exilarchiv 1933-1945 of the German National Library in Frankfurt am Main was to digitise selected exile newspapers and journals from its own holdings and those of the Sammlung Exil-Literatur 1933-1945 of the German National Library in Leipzig and other libraries. The German National Library contributed "Exilpresse digital" in its capacity as the partner library both of the "Sammlung Deutscher Drucke" working group, whose post-1913 time segment it represents, and of the DFG's "Verteilte Digitale Forschungsbibliothek" support programme aimed at protecting endangered library holdings through digitisation. This also represents the library's contribution to the "Bibliotheca universalis" project supported by the Ministerial Conference of the seven leading industrialised countries (G7).

The digitised journals and their articles are listed - and can be searched for - in the portal of the German National Library.
It can now once again be accessed both online and in the reading rooms of the German National Library in Leipzig and Frankfurt am Main.
On the basis of expert appraisals and developments in copyright law, it would now appear reasonable to make the digitised Exile Press available again online. The PEN Internation Centre of German Writers Abroad is also in favour of putting the digitised Exile Press online. The organisation believes that granting electronic access to these resources makes a major contribution to understanding the history of exile.

Please do not hesitate to contact the head of the Deutsches Exilarchiv 1933-1945, Dr. Sylvia Asmus, should you have any questions.

Overview of digitised Exilpresse publications

Overview of digitised Exilpresse publications
TitleAnnotation and bibliographic information
Acht-Uhr-Abendblatt (Shanghai; 07.01.1940 - 29.08.1941)further information (available only German)
Das Andere Deutschland (Buenos Aires; 01.01.1939 - 01.01.1949)further information (available only German)
Aufbau (New York; 01.12.1934 - 30.12.1950)further information (available only German)
Das blaue Heft (Paris; 15.01.1933 - 01.01.1934)further information (available only German)
Der deutsche Schriftsteller (Paris; August 1934 - November 1938)further information (available only German)
Der deutsche Weg (Oldenzaal; 12.08.1934 - 05.05.1940)further information (available only German)
Europäische Hefte (Prague; 19.04.1934 - 30.11.1935)further information (available only German)
Freie deutsche Kultur (London; 04.12.1939 - November 1944)further information (available only German)
Freie Kunst und Literatur (Paris; 1938, Nr. 1 (September) - 1939, Nr. 9)futher information (available only German)
Gelbe Post (Shanghai; 01.05.1939 - 17.06.1940)further information (available only German)
Gemeindeblatt der Jüdischen Gemeinde Shanghai (14.09.1939 - 29.12.1939)further information (available only German)
Internationale Literatur (Moscow; 1933, Nr.1 (January/February) - 1945, Nr. 11/12)further information (available only German)
The Jewish Voice of the far East (Shanghai; 02.08.1940 - 13.12.1940)further information (available only German)
Jüdische Revue (Mukacevo; June 1936 - October/November 1938)further information (available only German)
Kunst und Wissen (London; April 1942 - April 1946)further information (available only German)
Neuer Vorwärts (Karlsbad; Paris; 18.06.1933 - 12.05.1940)further information (available only German)
Ordo (Paris; 01.04.1938 - 15.10.1938)further information (available only German)
Orient (Haifa; Jerusalem; 31.03.1942 - 01.01.1943)further information (available only German)
La Otra Alemania (Montevideo; 15.02.1944 - March 1944)further information (available only German)
Pariser Tageblatt (Paris; 12.12.1933 - 14.06.1936)further information (available only German)
Pariser Tageszeitung (Paris; 01.06.1936 - 18.02.1940)further information (available only German)
PEM’s Privat-Berichte (Wien; London; 07.05.1936 - 16.08.1939)further information (available only German)
Das Reich (Saarbrücken; 06.12.1934 - 05.01.1935)further information (available only German)
Shanghai Jewish Chronicle (Shanghai; 05.05.1939 - 25.09.1945)further information (available only German)
Shanghai Echo (Shanghai; 05.03.1947 - 17.09.1947)
Sozialistische Warte (Paris; May 1934 - 23.5.1940)further information (available only German)
Die Tribüne (Shanghai; 02.02.1940 - 1. May-Woche 1940)further information (available only German)
Über die Grenzen (Affoltern a.A; November 1944 - Dezember 1945)further information (available only German)
Zeitschrift für freie deutsche Forschung (Paris; July 1938 - March 1939)further information (available only German)
Die Zeitung (London; 12.03.1941 - 01.06.1945)further information (available only German)

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