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Collection of foreign media publications

The German National Library collects the following works published from 1913

  • monographic and periodical media publications published abroad in German
  • translations into other languages of German media publications published abroad
  • foreign-language media publications about Germany and personalities in the German-speaking world published abroad, known as "Germanica".

In addition, a selection of other foreign media publications is acquired by the Deutsches Exilarchiv, the Sammlung Exil-Literatur, the Anne-Frank-Shoah-Bibliothek and the Deutsches Buch- und Schriftmuseum.

The German National Library maintains co-operative relationships to fulfil these tasks and has been supported by a large number of publishers since it first started collecting these media publications.

Certain media publications issued abroad are subject to the legal deposit regulation.
The Law regarding the German National Library (PDF, 40KB, Not barrier-free file.) (BGBl. I p.1338) of 22 June 2006 stipulates in § 14, para 2 that translations of German works published abroad but licensed in Germany are subject to the legal deposit obligation. As the owner of the original distribution rights, the licensor with his headquarters, a place of business or main domicile in Germany is subject to the legal deposit regulation.

One copy of all media publications published abroad is acquired, bibliographically classified and archived by the German National Library Leipzig. At present only physical media publications are collected, however online publications are also archived in exceptional cases. They can be used at both sites of the German National Library.

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