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Subject cataloguing changes in the metadata of the Deutsche Nationalbibliografie from 1 September 2017

Series B and H

Subject cataloguing of the media works indexed in the B and H Series of the Deutsche Nationalbibliografie will change from 1 September 2017.

Publications in these Series will then be catalogued using automated procedures based on scanned tables of contents. DDC Subject Categories will continue to be issued – automatically, or, in some cases, intellectually. German publications will automatically be indexed using subject headings from the Integrated Authority File (GND). The previous system of cataloguing using full numbers of the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) will be discontinued from 1 September. It is to be replaced by DDC Short Numbers.

The automatically assigned subject headings are scheduled to become part of the data deliveries in MARC 21 export format from mid-September 2017. They are given a provenance mark, indicating that they have been issued automatically.

For more information on the exact structure of the MARC fields 6XX (Subject Access Fields), and field 883 (Machine-generated Metadata Provenance) see the notification scheduled for mid-June on changes in format MARC 21 for bibliographic data of the 2017.03 Export Release on our web page .

These metadata are expected to be provided in RDF export format from mid-January 2018, with appropriate advance notification given.

Series A: Fiction and poetry (DDC Subject Category B) and children's and juvenile literature (DDC Subject Category K)

The subject cataloguing of fiction and poetry (DDC Subject Category B) and children's and young people's literature (DDC Subject Category K) will also be changed from 1 September 2017. These media works will then consistently be catalogued using DDC Subject Categories and genre terms, and, as before in some cases, no longer catalogued verbally, with keywords from the Integrated Authority File (GND).

Last update: 02.08.2017

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