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Subject categories of the Deutsche Nationalbibliografie

The subject categories of the Deutsche Nationalbibliografie constitute broad groupings of roughly 100 classes based on the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC 23). These have been used since 2004 for Series A, B, C, H, O and the New Release Service of the Deutsche Nationalbibliografie. Series M (sheet music) and T (sound recordings directory) also adhere to the DDC structure, subject category 780 Music is divided into further DDC subclasses.

The subject categories are issued by specialists; however, they are issued automatically for online publications (Series O of the Deutsche Nationalbibliografie).

Up to three subject categories (one main subject category, two secondary subject categories) can be issued. Fiction and poetry publications are issued subject categories 800-891.8 plus secondary subject category B. Children's and juvenile literature publications are issued subject category K. School text books are given subject category S.

Further information

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