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Granting of subsidies

According to § 18 of the Law regarding the German National Library (DNBG (PDF, 40KB, Not barrier-free file.)) and § 6 of the Legal Deposit Regulation (PflAV), a subsidy can be granted for physical media publications under certain circumstances. A special form issued by the Library should be used to apply for the subsidy. The obligation to submit mandatory deposit copies is not affected by the award of subsidies.

A subsidy is granted for physical media publications

  • if the total print run of the media publication does not exceed 300 copies (50 copies in the case of sheet music) and
  • the production costs for the copies to be submitted amount to at least 80 euros in each case.
  • If natural persons do not publish their media publications on a commercial or freelance basis, the production costs for the copies to be submitted must be at least 20 euros in each case.
  • Production costs of EUR 20 per copy submitted are also granted for media publications from corporate bodies which pursue exclusively and directly non-profit, charitable, or church-related aims as defined in § 51 of the tax law. A certificate of recognition issued by the relevant tax office must be provided to document the non-profit or charitable nature of the aims pursued.

No subsidy is granted for dissertations and doctoral theses.

Production costs

Production costs include the individual costs incurred in producing the deposit copies such as duplication, including costs for base materials, covers and containers.

Not included are the costs relating to the overall production such as setting costs, author fees, licence costs, overheads and VAT paid by company owners entitled to make pre-tax deductions.

In the case of works consisting of multiple parts, part works and periodicals, the costs are based on the production costs for the individual volume, part, delivery or issue.

The proportion of public funds used to produce the works should be deducted from the production costs.

The subsidy shall be paid based on the production costs for the deposit copies, but shall not exceed the lowest selling price of the corresponding number of copies of the entire production run.

Application for subsidy

The following forms should be used to apply for a subsidy (available only in German):

Subsidy application form - Leipzig (PDF, 60KB, Not barrier-free