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Changeover to MARC 21

In preparation for the changeover from the previous MAB2 exchange format to MARC 21, which was resolved by the Committee for Library Standards in December 2004 as an internationalisation measure for German standards, the German National Library carried out two projects sponsored by DFG (German Research Foundation) and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in the period from August 2005 to June 2009.

The closely intermeshed work packages of the two projects included the mapping of MAB2 to MARC 21, the translation of MARC 21 Concise, a report on the switch to MARCXML, workshops for experts and companies and the development of a web-compatible, XML-based edition system. These and other key results concerning the format changeover are documented on this page.

The German translations reflect the status of the documentation as of update no. 9 (October 2008). Later changes to the MARC 21 standard are not contained in the German translations.


Leibrecht, Veronika: The Deutsche Nationalbibliothek reports: Germany and Austria's migration project Moving to MARC 21 (PDF, 490KB, Not barrier-free file.)
By permission of Manchester University Press, publisher of Alexandria, Volume 21, Issue 1, 2009, pp 25 to pp 30, ISSN 0955 7490. Copyright © 2009

German translation of MARC 21 (as of 2008)


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