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Annual meeting of Gesellschaft für Exilforschung // Theme: Exile archives and museums // German National Library in Frankfurt am Main // 14 to 15 September 2018

In most cases, exile, flight and migration constitute cross-border changes of location which inevitably involve more than one country. Such migrations leave their mark not only on the people who leave, but also the inanimate witnesses that accompany them, that are created, picked up, lost or left behind during the exile journey. As institutions which collect, preserve and exhibit such objects, archives and museums have a special significance and responsibility in the context of the history of exile and migration. The heritage of exile is preserved by many different institutions, including the German National Library and its German Exile Archive 1933-1945, which has committed itself to the collection and safeguarding of inanimate witnesses of exile.

The aim of the interdisciplinary conference of the Gesellschaft für Exilforschung (Society for Exile Research) is to present and discuss historical (archive) case studies in the context of overarching cultural science archive theories and recent concepts of digitally networked archives or exile museums and exhibitions.

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Date of event: 14 to 15 September 2018

Last update: 16.8.2018

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