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Facilitating the Migration of German Libraries from the German Data Exchange Format (MAB) to MARC 21


After the end of the project "Changing for international formats and codes (MARC 21, AACR2)" funded by the DFG, the Committee for Library Standards agreed upon the uniform use of MARC 21 as the exchange format for all libraries in the German-speaking world. Furthermore the Committee commissioned the German National Library and the Expert Group Data Formats to prepare the mandatory application of MARC 21 as the uniform exchange format.

The project "Facilitating the migration of German libraries from the German data exchange format (MAB) to MARC 21" is part of the project "Internationalisation of the German Standards: Moving to MARC 21" and encompasses 4 work packages:

WP 1: Organisation of MARC 21 workshops for German and Austrian experts
WP 2: Establishment of working relationships and cooperation between American and German experts
WP 3: Mapping from MAB2 to MARC 21
WP 4: Development of a feasibility study on a web-based US-German editing system


The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Project duration

August 2005 - July 2007

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Last update: 21.02.2012

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