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IMPACT - Improving Access to Text


In its i2010 vision for the European Digital Library, the EU has formulated the ambitious plan of digitising the entire printed European heritage. Current OCR techniques can only be deployed to a limited extent on valuable historical material. The recognition of old typefaces, older spelling variations or complex layouts in newspapers is producing unsatisfactory results at present.

The aim of the IMPACT project is to overcome obstacles to setting up the European Digital Library. The project unites 26 national and regional libraries, research institutes and companies - all competence centres with a great deal of experience in mass digitisation. The project involves the development of new software applications for improved OCR, thereby creating the basis for a range of mass digitisation programs.

Project partners

26 national and regional libraries, research institutes and companies


European Commission, Seventh Framework Programme

Project duration

1 January 2008 - 31 December 2011

Project homepage


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