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KEEP - Keeping Emulation Environments Portable


In the KEEP project, an emulation platform has been developed which is designed to reproduce static and dynamic objects as precisely as possible: text, sounds, images, multimedia documents, websites, databases, video games etc. Long-term accessibility of the cultural heritage has been ensured by the development of flexible access tools and the storage of a wide range of digital objects.

The project also included the development of an emulation framework which manages different emulators and triggers them automatically. A legal study investigated the underlying conditions for emulation in Europe, focusing particularly on the handling of disk images and their use for long-term preservation. Other aspects of the research included metadata for long-term preservation and the development of a virtual machine for simplifying the porting of emulators.

Project partners


Europäische Kommission, Siebtes Europäisches Forschungsrahmenprogramm

Project duration

2009 - 2012

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Last update: 29.10.2012

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