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Frequently Asked Questions Entity Facts (FAQ)

From where and how does Entity Facts obtain its data?

Entity Facts obtains most of its data from the Integrated Authority File (GND). A further purpose of this service, however, is to enrich the data. The first step towards achieving this involved adding pictures of people from DBPedia. This will be expanded in the future to include data such as biographical details and variant name forms from Wikipedia. BEACON files are currently used to fill the sameAs element. This element contains links to other services which cover the same entity (e.g. IMDb, Wikipedia or VIAF).

What are Integrated Authority File (GND) entities?

The Integrated Authority File contains data records for the following entities: Persons, Corporate bodies, Conferences and Events, Geographic Information, Topics and Works.

How can a GND entity or a GND number be found?

The number of a GND entity can be found, for example, by conducting a search in the catalogue of the German National Library. This is the final part of the link of the data record displayed.

What is a BEACON file?

BEACON is a simple file format which can be used to supply references and links to web pages which use GND numbers or other authority data.

Do DBPedia and Wikidata offer APIs for searching their data?

DBPedia provides a SPARQL endpoint (see Wikidata also offers an API (see Entity Facts works exclusively on the basis of data dumps due to the quantity of data involved.

Is there any connection to Culturegraph?

Entity Facts is a further development of ideas which were first put into practice in the "Culturegraph Authorities" demonstrator.

Is there any connection to the DNB's Linked Data service?

It is planned for Entity Facts to become part of the DNB's Linked-Data-Service in the medium-term.

Who (DDB, DNB, Culturegraph) supplies which data (authority file, catalogues, Beacon files)?

The DNB provides the GND. This is operated cooperatively by the German National Library, all German-speaking library networks, the German Union Catalogue of Serials (ZDB) and numerous other institutions. The BEACON files are provided by different cultural and academic institutions, projects, etc.

Which data flows between the relevant parties when a query is made?

Entity Facts is not a live service. If a query is submitted to the API, the data are issued from a database operated by the DNB. This database is regularly maintained, supplemented and expanded with the aid of different data sources (GND, BEACONs, Wikipedia via DBpedia and Wikidata).

Is there any documentation on JSON representation of Entity Facts?

Documentation is to be published shortly.

Last update: 27.11.2014

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