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November Revolution – Digitisation of German Revolution 1918/19 resources


2018 is the centenary year of the November Revolution. The Republic was proclaimed on 9 November 1918, bringing the German Empire to an end. The National Assembly elections followed in January 1919. The Revolution of 1918/19 is considered the starting point for the creation of the first parliamentary democracy in Germany.

Immediately after the outbreak of the Revolution, the Deutsche Bücherei (as the German Library was then known) began to collect revolutionary publications. It amassed some 9,000 broadsides and 700 newspapers and magazines from 1918 to 1920 by sending out requests to worker and soldier councils, political parties, authorities and private individuals, and through exchange arrangements with other libraries. In the project, the approximately 4,000 posters, leaflets and notices which still exist were sorted and thematically indexed, and then conservation work was carried out on them.

The intention was to make a selection of these broadsides, together with roughly 500 contemporary books and brochures, digitally accessible, for the purpose of assisting all those interested in tracking down materials and resources on the November Revolution and the Weimar National Assembly. The digitised materials and historical information are also incorporated in the Virtual Exhibition of the First World War.

Project duration

January 2017 until June 2018

Further information

The gradual expansion of the virtual revolution collection can be followed in the German National Library catalogue during the project. Thematic searches of the holdings can be conducted.

Last update: 27.08.2018

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