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SamOA – Collection of Open Access Publications


The "SamOA" project is devoted to the collection, provision and long-term preservation of open access publications. In accordance with its mandate concerning the collection, cataloguing, indexing, and archiving of non-physical media works (Law regarding the German National Library of 22 June 2006) and in keeping with its strategic priorities, the German National Library is set to add open-access scientific publications to its online publication activities in the coming years. These are playing an increasingly important role for scientists by allowing them to exchange information and knowledge on the Internet.

The objective of the project is to adapt the workflow for the automatic legal deposit of scientific open access publications with repositories and publication services in Germany to make use of the aggregated data collection of the BASE search engine. The first major milestone of the project was the conclusion of a cooperation agreement between the German National Library and the Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE) metadata aggregator in April 2017.

BASE is operated by the Bielefeld University Library and is one of the world's leading specialist search engines for scientific Internet resources with a focus on open access content. In the search engine, users can currently find reference information on over 127 million documents gleaned from more than 6,300 repositories and publishing services all over the world (figures from May 2018). BASE is also a crucial information base for a range of innovative services which provide access to freely available online publications such as Unpaywall. (The link to the open access service Unpaywall opens when JavaScript is activated.)

Project partners

  • Bielefeld University Library, BASE
  • German National Library

Project duration


Last update: 24.05.2018

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