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The information, publication and media world is changing rapidly; the Internet and the digitisation of our society are presenting memory institutions with new challenges. This process is giving rise to a steadily growing number of publications, increasingly dematerialised methods of publication, distribution and storage, new forms of reading and working, and changes in user behaviour and expectations as a result. The future role of memory institutions will have to be measured against this constantly changing framework. Strategic priorities and innovations serve here as an important anchor in this dialogue for the future.

German National Library 2025: Strategic Compass

The German National Library sets out its guidelines for the next ten years in the publication. Since being founded in 1912 the German National Library has repeatedly had to adapt both to the needs of new media and forms of publication as well as to progress in the field of information technology and the resulting expectations of its users. In a world where new trends can change society fundamentally within a few years, medium-term objectives provide orientation and aid navigation. Considering such future challenges in advance helps development steps to be planned and implemented at an early stage. The library regularly reviews its objectives and priorities to ensure that it is able to respond appropriately. For the first time, the German National Library has now formulated and published its medium-term strategic objectives.

German National Library 2025: Strategic Compass urn:nbn:de:101-2016071102

Strategic Priorities

The Strategic Priorities set out the objectives and priorities for the further development of the German National Library. They are intended to serve as a basis and as a tool for prioritisation. The result forms the starting point of an ongoing strategy process for determining the work of the library over the coming years. The legal mandate of the German National Library remains the guiding principle behind this necessary change process.

Dialogues for the future

In discussions with experts, partners and user groups from the fields of culture, academia, business, media and politics, the German National Library is engaging in an exchange of experience, information and ideas regarding the (modern) interpretation and implementation of its current and future legal mandate. The future workshops are at the heart of this dialogue.
The topics range from media trends and innovative collection and storage approaches through to the outlining of solutions and recommendations for action, and the formation of partnerships. Technological, organisational and legal issues, as well as the assessment of current developments in memory institutions form the main focus of these workshops.

  • Current Standing and Perspectives of Digital Humanities I: In the Context of Traditional Humanities
    German National Library in Leipzig, 7 March 2019
  • A dialogue about licensing information and rights documentation - Establishing sustainable data flows
    German National Library in Frankfurt am Main, 7 November 2017
    All information about the event (available only in German)
    Special publication accompanying the event urn:nbn:de:101-2018080900
    Event report Vera Marz "Lizenzangaben und Rechtedokumentationen im Dialog – Datenflüsse nachhaltig gestalten" (available only in German)
    Event report Barbara Müller-Heiden/Marlies Ockenfeld "Lizenzangaben und Rechtedokumentationen im Dialog – Datenflüsse nachhaltig gestalten. Veranstaltung der Deutschen Nationalbibliothek Frankfurt am Main am 7. November 2017" - DOI: (available only in German)
  • Digital memory
    German National Library in Frankfurt am Main, 12 April 2016
    Event report "Digital memory" urn:nbn:de:101-20161006137 (available only in German)

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