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EDUG – European DDC Users Group

The increasing number of DDC translations in European countries requires and permits a fruitful international exchange on DDC and translation-related issues, and collaboration on refining the DDC subject fields based on the European situation.

The European DDC Users Group (EDUG) was founded for this reason in 2007. The main objectives of the organisation include:

  • taking the interests of all European DDC users into account through regular liaison
  • coordinating proposals for the further development of DDC content on the basis of bibliographic developments in the European libraries with regard to collaboration with the DDC Editorial Policy Committee (EPC) and the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC)
  • promoting the further development and distribution of materials (e.g. software applications), documentation and methods in relation to translation and retrieval
  • promoting exchanges of view and cooperation in translating the DDC into different European languages
  • promoting the further development of the DDC in Europe in general

Further information on the EDUG organisation, presentation and documents of the meetings and information on individual working groups can be found on the EDUG homepage.

Last update: 11.01.2017

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