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4th International Workshop
on Semanitc Digital Archives (SDA)

Anfang 12.9.2014
Ende 12.9.2014
Ort London

im Rahmen der International Digital Libraries Conference (DL2014)

You are invited to participate in the upcoming 4th International Workshop on Semantic Digital Archives (SDA), to be held as part of the International Digital Libraries Conference (DL2014).

The workshop, first held in conjunction with TPDL 2011 in Berlin, aims at promoting and discussing sophisticated knowledge representation and knowledge management solutions specifically designed for improving Archival Information Systems. The 4th edition of the Semantic Digital Archives Workshop will be an exciting opportunity for collaboration and cross-fertilization between the digital libraries, the digital archives and the semantic web communities. Naturally, digital preservation is a richly interdisciplinary research domain and we also invite other research communities contribute as well. Semantic Digital Archives shift the focus of (traditional) digital archives to knowledge representation and management issues surrounding digital preservation. We intend to examine all aspects of these emerging Semantic Digital Archives in the workshop.

Over the past couple of decades, digitally created content has come to permeate all aspects of our lives and the life cycle of these objects is increasingly exclusively digital. A portion of this content is expected to have enduring value and can thus be considered being part of our cultural and scientific heritage. For example, a significant number of digital publications and data stored in and accessible from a digital library today will, without care and attention, cease to be accessible. This vast corpus needs to be appraised and items of enduring value selected, archived and kept accessible so that it can be made available in response to requests from information professionals, such as historians and journalists, and the general public.

Therefore, sustainable long-term curation perspectives for our digital cultural heritage are essential. Digital content poses many socio-cultural and technological challenges which create obstacles to long-term or indefinite preservation. Changing technologies and shifting user communities as well as the increasing complexity of digital content consisting of or being enriched with software and multimedia attachments are only a few examples. Dealing with these challenges is the central theme of the workshop.

Please check the Scope and Topics section for more information about the scope and the topics of interest of the Workshop.

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