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The FernUniversität in Hagen is a government university that combines research and tele-teaching since 40 years. The university has the highest amount of active students (around 77.000) in comparison to other German universities. Overall, the university is divided into four different faculties, covering a broad range of studies and researching offers. The recent trends and insights from the state of the art in research are repatriated into teaching activities through active involvement of university researchers in a broad range of basic- and application-oriented research activities.

Competences and priorities in the area of long-term preservation

The research group at the chair of Multimedia and Internet Applications is part of the faculty for Mathematics and Computer Science and is led by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Hemmje. This research group has a long-standing track record in national and European projects around the topics Digital Preservation, Knowledge- and Data Management with special focus on active data management planning, multimedia archives, information retrieval and extraction beside research in big data environments. Thereby the research group around Professor Hemmje is actively involved in the preparation and execution of recent scientific workshops, presentations and publication of new findings on international conferences, journals and books. Beside research-oriented activities, the research group takes as well actively part in the Open Archival Information System ISO review, impelled by the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems.

The chair of Multimedia and Internet Applications has a strong international network with established universities and further organisations in the respective research fields. Furthermore, it has a close association with the Research Institute for Telecommunications and Cooperation located in Dortmund.


Prof. Dr. M. Hemmje
FernUniversität in Hagen
Lehrgebiet Multimedia und Internetanwendungen
Postfach 940
58084 Hagen
Phone +49 (0) 2331 - 987-304
Fax +49 (0) 2331 - 987-4487

Dipl. Inf. Felix Engel
1 F11, Informatikzentrum
Universitätsstr. 1
58097 Hagen
Phone +49 2331 - 987-2134

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