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Many technical standards have yet to crystallise in the relatively new field of digital preservation. nestor provides an overview of existing standards, bundles together standardisation activities and proposes new activities where required.

The national standardisation takes place in the working group Records Management and long-term archiving of digital information objects (NID 15) in the DIN Standards Committee Information and Documentation (NID). The working group and nestor collaborate closely. User interests are represented at the national and international levels via the partnership with the DIN organisation. In principle, standardisation projects can be prepared for national standardisation in nestor working groups and being expanded into national standards in DIN at a later stage.

To date, the nestor working groups have initiated three standardisation projects. These are currently being adapted by DIN for adoption as national standards:

Further Information about NID and Records management and long-term archiving of digital information objects

The nestor Wiki provides an overview of existing standards:

Last update: 27.03.2018

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