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100 Years First World War // Virtual exhibition of the German National Library

Items depicting everyday life and the media of the First World War and the period afterwards are featured in the virtual "100 Years First World War" exhibition. More than 200 media objects, including posters and newspapers, illustrate the importance of mass media in relation to the War and the November Revolution. Areas covered by the exhibition include propaganda and censorship. For instance, visitors can find out all about the role of children's and young people's literature in the propaganda machinery of the First World War. And ration cards and posters bear witness to the difficulties of day-to-day life in which simply finding enough to eat was a problem during and after the War

The German National Library is taking this virtual exhibition as an opportunity to present items from exhibitions it originally staged between 1915 and 1919.

The content can be accessed from different thematic perspectives, and a time line provides an overview of the sequence of events from 1914 to 1920. There is also a glossary explaining relevant terms..

Virtual exhibition "100 Years First World War"

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Last update: 8.3.2018

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