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5,000 years of media history online // Virtual exhibition of the German Museum of Books and Writing of the German National Library

Tally sticks, the deciphering of Egyptian hieroglyphs, tattoos, letters, rolling book barrels, censor lists of the Catholic church, sub-Atlantic cables, Mr Bean's trip to a medieval manuscript reading room, the toilet as a place of reading or the utopia of the universal language: the virtual "5,000 years media history online" exhibition provides more than 1,800 insights large and small into the history of media and includes trenchant histories, pictures, films and sound recordings related to the eleven theme modules of the permanent "Signs – Books – Networks: From Cuneiform to Binary Code" exhibition.

Alongside the thematic approach, the website also allows the content to be accessed via a timeline which links together all the key innovations, events and individuals which played a role in the development of the media. A glossary containing Twitter-length explanations of over one thousand terms provides help during virtual journeys through time. There is also a digital visitors' book for questions, opinions and suggestions. This puts visitors into direct contact with the creators of the exhibition.

Virtual exhibition "5.000 years media history online"

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Last update: 8.3.2018

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