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Bahnriss?! Papier | Kultur // Virtual exhibition of the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek curated by the German Museum of Books and Writing of the German National Library

The virtual "Bahnriss?! Papier | Kultur" exhibition takes a close look at the eventful history of the everyday material of paper. It covers everything from rudimentary pre-industrial paper-making through to water marks and disused newsprint factories. The close link between paper and culture which shaped our civilisation for centuries is being challenged by modern media. However this challenge does not necessarily herald the downfall of culture, indeed it could give rise to completely new cultural solutions.

The virtual "Bahnriss ?! Papier | Kultur" exhibition is based on the temporary exhibition of the same name which was displayed in the German Museum of Books and Writing in Leipzig in 2016. The new digital exhibition makes the academic research accessible to a broader global audience and ensures its lasting availability.

Virtual exhibition "Bahnriss?! Papier | Kultur" (available only in German)

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Last update: 8.3.2018

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