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The art of calligraphy

We help you rediscover the old art of calligraphy. Since the beginning of the 16th century there have been textbooks and books of samples, "calligraphy" books which contain instructions on how to produce a wide range of different writing styles and samples of scripts for copying and all kinds of ornate lettering.
Model writing templates featuring old scripts, quills, steel nibs and ink provide an ideal opportunity to practice your penmanship. They can be used to create poems, letters and stories.

Activity: Using tracing paper mounted on a writing template, you can copy the script using a quill or a steel nib. The words are composed in upper and lowercase letters by moving the tracing paper. And of course, anyone feeling brave enough can write freehand.

Age: from class three

Curriculum link: German, art

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Last update: 23.6.2017

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