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Home-made decorated paper

Paper, paste, oil paints, and ox bile: these are the "ingredients" for making various types of decorated paper. Historical decorated papers from the Museum's collection provide you with suggestions for making your own paper, for example using paste and filler techniques. Let your imagination run free by revelling in the interplay of colours and shapes, helped by a large measure of chance. Experiments with paste and inks can create amazing little works of art.

Activity: After a short introduction to the history of decorated and pasted papers you can start pasting away to your heart's content. Different inks and design tools are used such as wooden sticks and trowels, combs and fingers. You'll be surprised by the three-dimensional paste papers. After drying, the resulting papers are smoothed by pressing.

Age: from class three

Curriculum link: Art

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Last update: 23.6.2017

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