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Black on white: book printing

What ingenious idea did Johannes Gutenberg have and what impact has it had up to and including the media age? The printing master changed the world with his revolutionary idea. By inventing book printing with movable metal type in the middle of the 15th century Johannes Gutenberg made it possible to reproduce texts mechanically. From then on, books were no longer luxury goods, but could be produced in larger quantities and much more cheaply than manuscripts.

Activity: Linocut is a printing technique that is perfect for beginners. A motif is sketched on the linoleum printing plate and then cut out using a linocut knife. Be careful, though – the knives are sharp! Wearing an apron, you ink the linoleum plate using the roller; you will be amazed to see what the reversed print finally looks like. You can complete your introduction to the art of printing by refining the motif and trying out different ink colours.

Age: from class five

Curriculum link: History, art

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