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Children's books throughout history

Pop-up books, venetian blind books, perfumed or glittery books: children's books tell us stories, transport us to distant worlds and invite us to dream. They are part of our childhood and they often remain in our memory for the rest of our life. But when did books for children first appear and what did they look like in the past? We take you back in time to the books of your great-grandparents.  

Activity: The history and development of children's books are explained based on a selection of different books. Then, various adventure books are presented, some of which we read from. We give children of different ages the opportunity to make their own small books using simple binding techniques. Pre-school children can put together their name using stamps and multicolour stamp pads.

Age: from pre-school

Curriculum link: German

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Last update: 23.6.2017

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