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Bonner Katalog

The "Bonner Katalog" is the index of rental materials for musical performances. The catalogue is compiled and continuously updated by the German Music Archive (Deutsches Musikarchiv) of the German National Library and is edited in co-operation with the Deutscher Musikverleger-Verband (Federation of German Music Publishers). The "Bonner Katalog" covers an extensive range of sheet music available for hire for which the rights are held or represented by German music publishers and may be rented for performances or productions after signing a bond ("Revers") that obliges the performers to use the parts solely for the agreed purpose and to erase all hand-written comments prior to returning the materials.

Since 1959, the "Bonner Katalog" has developed into an indispensable reference tool for academic institutes, music colleges and libraries, orchestras, choirs, chamber music ensembles, music theatres, broadcasting corporations, recording producers, copyright protection societies, the music trade and, last but not least, music publishers, both in Germany and abroad. It saves the user time-consuming research in the individual publishers' catalogues. The compositions represented in the "Bonner Katalog" range from the established works of the classical concert and stage repertory with large-scale vocal range to the latest contemporary music frequently using highly individual scorings.

Based on the information supplied by currently more than 200 participating music publishers, the "Bonner Katalog" provides for comprehensive documentation regarding composers and their works and specifies in detail the scoring (both instrumental and vocal) and performing time of every composition. Due to the very dynamic market the permanent update of the publishers' file and order addresses are of utmost importance.

The "Bonner Katalog" is constantly updated in the catalogue of the German National Library.

Last update: 21.04.2015

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