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Special Collections and Estates at the German Music Archive

per: March 2005

Andersen, Lale

  • 80 song texts with some unknown presentations e. g. by Axel Eggebrecht, Erich Kästner
  • 130 orchestra parts of her well-known songs
  • tour programmes
  • newspaper articles and correspondence with publishers like Ralph Maria Siegel and Peter Schaeffers

Berswordt, Eberhard von

(Broadcast and media expert)

  • 14,000 shellac records and LPs as well as company catalogues
  • documentation of records issued abroad by German Jazz and light music artists
  • containing: bequest by Jimmy Jungermann: mostly Jazz, but also 100 original Walt Disney LPs

Eight-Track-Tapes (8-Track-Bänder)

  • recordings and reproduction devices for electro-magnetical cassette tapes from the 1970's

Fischer, Helmut

(Actor from Munich)

  • Core collection: Cabaret

Hutter, Franz

(Swiss music teacher and private collector)

  • 56,000 shellac records
  • range from Emile Berliner records to the end of the shellac era (1896 - about 1956)
  • all genres
  • core collection: song recordings as well as vocal and music recordings from
    theatre, cabaret and film performances

Piano rolls

  • over 2,000 perforated note rolls for electronic pianos, artificial pianos and reproduction pianos
  • mostly permanent loans of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz
  • reproduction pianos made by Hupfeld present at the German Music Archive (Deutsche Musikarchiv) Berlin

Leimbach, Berthold

(author of the discography "Tondokumente der Kleinkunst und ihre Interpreten 1898 - 1945")

  • 5,000 shellac records
  • Cabaret: Chanson singers, movie artists

Mager, Christine

2,000 LPs and CDs of organ recordings
classified by organ locations

Mann, Thomas

  • 132 shellac records, mostly Wagner, original covers, bought in Munich, taken into the American Exile

Odrich, Ernst

(Board member of Vox-Schallplatten- und Sprechmaschinen-AG Berlin)

  • rare 17.5 cm shellac records, among other things those with imprinted portraits without middle hole, which may only be played with a special turn table supplement

Phonograph cylinders

  • 400 cylinders from 1877 until the end of the 1920's made of various materials, especially: Edison cylinders

Single collection

  • 13,000 items: mostly foreign artists on German singles

TED picture discs

  • complete recordings from the early 1970's, except UFA recordings
  • reproduction device: Donation by Teldec "Telefunken-Decca" Schallplatten GmbH, present at the German Music Archive Berlin

Tefifon collection

  • The Tefifon tape is an endless particularly rolled up synthetic tape with engraved spiral-shaped sound grooves in a cassette
  • The recording time is up to 240 minutes
  • The reproduction is like records by a phono sound device (Needle sound method)
  • dissemination: light music sector of the 1950's
  • recordings and sound reproduction devices from the speech machine collection Schoppmann

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