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The Data Shop is a web service aimed at libraries and other customers wishing to obtain bibliographic data.
In the Data Shop, registered users can download data they have located in the catalogue of the German National Library for further processing in their own system. The data can be downloaded in different data formats (MARC 21, MARC21-xml, csv for bibliographic data and a selection of Dublin Core elements - DNB Casual (oai_dc) - and RDFxml). 
This applies both for selections of individual hits and also for entire hit lists. Authority and bibliographic data can be obtained free of charge from 1 July 2015 (Business model).
Users need to register (once only, free of charge) in order to use the Data Shop.

Download metadata

In order to download metadata, users should first enter the catalogue and initiate a search. Entire search results or individual hits can then be transferred to Meine Auswahl" (My selection). The maximum number of data records per download is 10,000. Return to the Data Shop to download these data records. The individual hits or the entire list of search results from "Meine Auswahl" are shown there. These can then be converted into different data formats and downloaded. Select the individual data records or search results and the desired data format. Click "Auftrag starten" ("Start transaction") to convert the data records. The list of transactions already completed and the current transaction are shown under "Transaktionen". You can also download the converted data records from there.

Data formats

You can download metadata in different formats via the Data Shop. The following data formats are available:

csv_title only for bibliographic data
DNB Casual (selection of Dublin Core Element Set, oai_dc) only for bibliographic data
MARC 21-XML (XML variant of MARC 21)

csv (Comma-Separated Values) for bibliographic data

The csv format was developed primarily for use in acquisitions; it is targeted mainly at customers who previously purchased the printed catalogue cards. The csv file is NFC-standardised (Unicode UTF-8) for imports and easier processing in other programs such as spreadsheet programs; the separator is a semicolon. The mail merge function allows customers to create their own individual masters. Please send any requests for changes and suggestions for improvements to .
Authority data are automatically filtered out of a set of data.

DNB Casual

The scope of the data records is narrower in this format than in others. .

Last update: 14.07.2015


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