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Electronic Reference Library

The Electronic Reference Library (EHB – Elektronische Handbibliothek) of the German National Library is the counterpart of the printed reference library. It provides access to electronic resources.
It contains several hundred pre-installed, directly accessible CD-ROM, DVD and online databases in various subject areas. These include reference works, dictionaries, bibliographies, journals, newspapers and basic works on individual subjects.

In addition, the Electronic Reference Library provides targeted research opportunities for historical and (with a delay time of 8 days) current electronic newspaper editions, sound recordings and sheet music, selected web pages and top-level .de domain web pages from the collection of the German National Library.

The selection is updated and expanded continually.

All media are also searchable via the catalogue.

The Electronic Reference Library can be used at the research workstations in the reading rooms. For copyright reasons the service is not offered outside the reading rooms.

Last update: 31.07.2017

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