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The long-term digital preservation cooperation service of the German National Library.

Digital collection care measures are growing in significance. The number of materials which are now published exclusively in digital form is rapidly increasing, and the amalgamation of digital and analogue preservation strategies, especially through digitisation projects, is underlining the strategic relevance of digital preservation within the overall framework of collection care.

Depending on an institution's range of tasks, and the size and diversity of the digital collections to be archived, a single facility may quickly reach its limits when working in isolation. Cooperation structures aimed at preserving and guaranteeing the accessibility of digital materials represent possible alternatives.

AREDO has been set up as the German National Library's cooperation service and is aimed at supporting libraries, educational institutions, museums, archives and memory institutions in Germany in the long-term preservation and use of digital information. At the moment we are in the process of consolidation. We are happy to receive expressions of interest.

AREDO provides a large number of functions which are necessary for operating a trusted repository. It combines these functions to create different technical services:

Basic service

The basic service provides fundamental long-term preservation functions for digital objects.

These include:
• Provision of a mass input and output interface
• Integrity check of all digital objects
• Check for duplicates in partner's preservation repository
• Generation of technical metadata
• Quality checking of all digital objects
• Reporting
• Provision of permanent access and search functions
• Backup storage of all archived objects
• Archiving at multiple locations
• Preservation planning: ongoing risk analysis and risk information

Optional services

  • Ingest:

    • Risk handling based on jointly agreed quality rules for digital objects
    • Processing of descriptive metadata supplied in Dublin Core Metadata Element Set, Version 1.1
    • Processing of additional information
  • Curation:

    • Regular and comprehensive status reports on all archived digital objects
    • Agreement on suitable migration, or other safeguarding, measures

Adaptation to partner's requirements

Different institutions often have differing requirements or preconditions for long-term preservation. For this reason a great deal of importance was attached at the planning stage to ensuring that further services, which build upon the basic functions, can be combined with each other and offered. This allows individualised long-term preservation workflows to be set up between the partners and the German National Library which meet the specific needs of the institution in question.

Last update: 09.05.2018


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