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Linked Data Service of the German National Library

The German National Library is building a linked data service that in the long run will permit the semantic web community to use the entire stock of national bibliographic data, including all authority data. It is endeavouring to make a contribution to the global information infrastructure with this new data service and thus laying the foundations for modern commercial and non-commercial web services.

The German National Library is committed to making a significant contribution to ensuring the stability and reliability of the "linked data cloud" by providing data of high quality, most of which has been intellectually generated. The German National Library has been supplying its data in the RDF standard via the Linked Data Service since 2010. By offering RDF as an equal status export format, it allows users and user groups to re-use its data in a way which requires no knowledge of bibliographic formats. The service is subject to ongoing further development and optimisation at the technical, content and organisational levels. Besides developing its own service, the German National Library is also actively involved in the Bibliographic Framework Transition Initiative.

The Creative Commons Zero (CCO 1.0) usage licence applies for the Integrated Authority File (GND) and the bibliographic records of the Linked Data Service. Since the end of January 2014, some geographic authority data contains unchanged coordinates from the GeoNames database. Since October 2015, some bibliographic data contains subject classes from Thema, a subject category scheme for a global book trade.
The metadata and online interfaces are provided with no guarantee of their being continuous, punctual, error-free or complete, or of their not infringing the rights of third parties (e.g. personal rights and copyright).

Metafacture is used to convert the data to RDF. Metafacture was developed by is used to convert the data to RDF.

Test data in RDF (RDF/XML or Turtle) representation are available, free of charge, under the "Aktionen" menu item in the full view of the Catalogue of the German National Library or in the Data Shop. All formats are offered in UTF-8 decomposed.

Both data sets are currently offered as RDF data in two profiles.

Integrated Authority File (GND):

Bibliographic data

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