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Online Information Service

The online information service performs bibliographic research, offers compilations of literature and answers queries regarding title registration. All requests processed by the online information service are generally free of charge, unless a request is difficult to answer or time consuming resulting in a working time of more than 15 minutes. This also applies for unsuccessful enquiries ordered by users despite prior notice.
Difficult and time consuming searches will be charged beginning with the 16th minute of working time, EUR 10.00 per every quarter-hour.
Fee Schedule (PDF, 104KB, Barrier-free file)

An order placed is a legally binding order with the obligation to pay for the fees resulting from the enquiry. This also applies for information services given without a successful or satisfying result.
In principle, the processing of an enquiry is carried out within three working days plus dispatch duration. If due to extensive or difficult enquiries, the reply should last longer, we will inform you within this period.
The requesting person is solely responsible for obeying all applicable copyright provisions.
No responsibility can be taken for the correctness and completeness of any given information, except for cases of criminal intent and of gross negligence.

Data Protection Declaration

Invoices for services provided will be forwarded by mail.
You may place your order online via our webform below.

Last update: 01.03.2019


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