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DNB Casual

The "DNB Casual" metadata format (oai_dc) is an xml-based Dublin Core format which is used by the German National Library as an export format for bibliographic data. It is available, free of charge and upon application, for all interested parties. The format contains Simple DC and qualified DC elements such as the "identifiers". However, the scope of the elements in each data set is smaller than in other available formats.

Beispieldatensatz in DNB Casual
<dc xmlns:dnb="" xmlns="" xmlns:dc="" xmlns:xsi="">
<dc:title>Dialog mit Bibliotheken / Deutsche Nationalbibliothek</dc:title>
<dc:creator>Deutsche Nationalbibliothek</dc:creator>
<dc:creator>Deutsche Bibliothek</dc:creator>
<dc:creator>Frankfurt am Main</dc:creator>
<dc:publisher>Frankfurt, M. : Dt. Nationalbibliothek</dc:publisher>
<dc:date>1.1989 -</dc:date>
<dc:identifier xmlns:tel="" xsi:type="tel:ISSN">Autorisierte ISSN: 0936-1138 Dialog mit Bibliotheken</dc:identifier>
<dc:identifier xmlns:tel="" xsi:type="tel:ISSN">ISSN der Vorlage: 0936-1138</dc:identifier>
<dc:identifier xsi:type="dnb:IDN">015335631</dc:identifier>
<dc:identifier xsi:type="dnb:ZDBID">1000018-5</dc:identifier>
<dc:subject>020 Bibliotheks- und Informationswissenschaft</dc:subject>

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