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Online Standard Interface - Overview

The Online Standard Interface allows authority data to be created or updated (cf. CRUD (available only in German)) in the Integrated Authority File (GND). SRU Record Update is an SOAP Web-Service (available only in German) which uses the HTTPS Internet protocol.

SRU Record Update - Frequently asked questions (FAQ) / Troubleshooting

SRU Record Update Interface standards

SRU Record Update-Protocol: Version 1.0
The interface is based on the SRU-standard of the Library of Congress.

SRU Record Update functions

A GND authority record in MARC 21 format (xml-variant) sent via SRU Record Update protocol to the online standard interface can be saved as a new entry in the database (Create Action) or an existing authority record can be updated (Replace Action). SRU Record Update requests and responses are based on the SOAP and HTTPS protocols.

SRU Record Update includes the functions:

  • Create Action: Create a new authority record
  • Replace Action: Changing an existing authority record
    Only a full data record can be sent, as the delivered data record completely overwrites the existing data record in the database.
  • Delete Action: Not permitted. Deletions, redirects and divisions can only be carried out as "Replace Actions", see GND editorial guidelines (available only in German).
    The marking is made in the data record itself and not at the SRU protocol level. The marker set out in the GND change procedure must be adhered to (see details of GND-change service).
  • Incremental changes (partial updates) are not currently supported.


The exchange format is the xml variant of MARC 21 (MARC21-xml), UTF-8 decomposed (available only in German) coding.

Practical use

The online standard interface via the SRU Record Update protocol is generally implemented directly in the database administration system of libraries, museums and archives.

Access requirements

Institutions must be willing to cooperate as a GND partner on the GND editorial guidelines and be in possession of an International Standard Identifier for Libraries and Related Organizations (ISIL) or a MARC Organization Code for unique identification. These identifiers have to be included in every record in the subfields of field 040 in MARC 21 format. On request, GND cooperation partners will be issued their own authentication token.


Monday - Friday from 09:00 - 15:00
Nicole von der HudeTel.: +49 69 1525-1632
Heike EichenauerTel.: +49 69 1525-1074
Christa JunkerTel.: +49 69 1525-1634

SRU Record Update/Z39.50

The online standard interface supports the modern SRU Record Update protocol; access via Z39.50 protocol is only possible on request.

Last update: 13.03.2019


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