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Management Principles of the German National Library


Our management culture is founded upon management principles, open and trust-based cooperation and an orientation towards reaching common goals.
In this respect the management principles are binding not only for managers, but for all employees of the German National Library.
It is the responsibility of all of us to put the management principles into practice and to ensure that all employees can work successfully at the German National Library.

Management at the German National Library means

  • Providing guidance
  • Setting priorities
  • Actively communicating information
  • Being attentive and appreciative
  • Taking responsibility and making decisions
  • Delegating responsibility and encouraging people to show initiative
  • Being credible and dependable
  • Seizing new opportunities together

Providing guidance

I determine responsibilities and decision-making channels.
I define the boundaries for action and decisions in order to provide guidance and security.
I specify clearly the scope of the employee's work, and ensure that this fits into the overall strategic objectives.
I convey my expectations to the employees.

Setting priorities

I use the strategic objectives of the German National Library as orientation.
I set priorities and check them regularly.
Setting priorities means not only making new plans, but also consciously abandoning other undertakings.
I take time to plan and coordinate the content, scheduling and organisational aspects of the work.

Actively communicating information

Communication is a basic management task.
I liaise regularly with my superiors, colleagues and employees.
I keep my employees fully informed on a regular basis.
I use the existing communication channels to exchange information.

Being attentive and appreciative

I accept my staff with all their strengths and weaknesses, show respect for their work and appreciation for their efforts.
I have an open ear for my employees and give their suggestions and needs the consideration they deserve.
I give my employees regular feedback.
I identify errors openly and deal with them constructively.
I recognise and encourage the strengths of my employees.
Being attentive and appreciative also means being mindful towards yourself.
As part of my duty of care I pay particular attention to establishing a healthy working environment and promoting a good working climate.

Taking responsibility and making decisions

I identify with my job and my role as a manager in the German National Library.
I adopt a clear stance on issues and represent these consistently, both internally and externally.
I ensure that my decisions are open to scrutiny, and correct them if necessary.
I address conflicts openly and deal with them constructively.

Delegating responsibility and encouraging people to show initiative

Delegating and accepting responsibility is based on mutual trust and loyalty.
I delegate tasks to my employees and give them the freedom to work autonomously.
Delegating responsibility also means deploying employees based on their abilities and supporting their personal development.
I encourage my employees to show initiative and I accept that not every new step leads to success.

Being credible and dependable

Being credible and dependable requires managers to be aware of themselves and their behaviour and to work on this.
I need feedback from all sides, I can deal with it and regard it as an opportunity.
I create confidence by setting an example, showing appreciation and being dependable.

Seizing new opportunities together

My managerial style actively combines tradition with reality and vision.
I explore new opportunities and am open to new developments.
I provide information on new developments and discuss their significance and impact.
I involve my employees in the introduction of any new developments.

Last update: 06.04.2016

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