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nestor - competence network for digital preservation

nestor is the network of expertise for the long-term storage and accessibility of digital resources in Germany. The competence network is the central point of contact for all matters regarding long-term digital preservation. Established over two project phases, the majority of the project members and a handful of new partners decided to continue the work in the form of a cooperation association; they assumed responsibility on 01/07/2009. The infrastructure established during the project has been retained and expanded.

The cooperation association's partners are:

The nestor administrative office is in the German National Library.

The competence network was set up because libraries, archives and museums are increasingly being confronted with digital publications and other digital resources which need to be archived on a secure, long-term basis. However, digital data is inherently unstable and endangered. Long-term storage and provision (long-term preservation) is technically possible - but costly. Good planning and ongoing monitoring are needed to ensure that the digital data remains permanently accessible.

Individual institutions can organise long-term preservation if they are able to make use of accumulated knowledge, proven strategies and successfully-tested tools. nestor generates and collects this knowledge and makes it available to the institutions concerned.

Representatives from a wide range of institutions consult on particular aspects of digital preservation in the nestor working groups. Five working groups devoted to the following topics currently meet several times a year:

  • Media (audio-visual materials and multimedia)
  • Cooperative long-term preservation (collaboration perspectives)
  • Legal (legal aspects of digital preservation)
  • Digital stock preservation (organisation of digital archives, preservation planning)
  • Emulation
  • Costs
  • Certification

Last update: 27.07.2015


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