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Overview of the Organisation

Preview Organisational Chart of the German National LibraryPreview Organisational Chart of the German National Library

Overview of the Organisation
PositionNameArea CodePhone
Director General+ 49 691525-1002
Director in Leipzig Permament Representative of the Director General+ 49 3412271-331
Director in Frankfurt am Main Permanent Representative of the Director General+ 49 691525-1101
Office of the Director General+49 691525-1101
Head of Marketing and Communications+49 691525-1541
Head of German Music Archive +49 3412271-145
Central Domain AdministrationPositionNameArea CodePhone
Head of Central Domain+49 691525-2000
Domain EE Acquisitions and Cataloguing PositionNameArea CodePhone
Head of Domain+49-69
Department EF Acquisition and Descriptive CataloguingHead of Department+49-3412271-590
Department IE Subject CataloguingHead of Department+49-691525-1600
Domain IT Information InfrastructurePositionNameArea CodePhone
Head of Domain+49-691525-1700
Domain BB User Services and PreservationPositionNameArea CodePhone
Head of Domain+49-69
Department 2B User Services and Collection Management Head of Department+49-3412271-309
Department 2D Digital ServicesHead of Department+49-691525-1066

Department DBSM German Museum of Books and WritingHead of Department+49-3412271-575
Department DEA German Exile Archive 1933-1945Head of Department+49-691525-1900

Last update: 03.01.2019

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