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Millions of books, images, sound recordings and films are stored in Germany's 30,000 libraries, museums and archives - a vast treasure trove of knowledge. The CONTENTUS project was set up to explore ways of making this cultural heritage accessible to as many people as possible and of preserving it for use by future generations.

Under the project, technologies have been developed for the entire process chain - from digitisation to presentation of the cultural objects in a multimedia search environment. The work concentrated on automated quality control, cataloguing of digitised media, interlinking of the media objects (both with each other and with external data sources) and the innovative presentation of this vast range of multimedia data in a semantic search interface.

In terms of networking, CONTENTUS collaborated closely e.g. with the ALEXANDRIA application scenario within THESEUS.

The results of the CONTENTUS project have provided a key source of new ideas, created skills and laid down ground rules which have already been used in successor projects and are continuing to be actively followed:

  • The experience gained in the field of data modelling, for example, has been fed into the development of the Integrated Authority File.
  • The German National Library's Linked Data service makes use of CONTENTUS technologies
  • Findings in the field of data modelling and data linkage have been used in the Culturegraph project.
  • Findings in the field of automatic entity information cataloguing are being used in a follow-up project on the digital stocks of the German National Library.
  • Semantic search concepts are to be incorporated in the search interfaces of the DNB and the DDB

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Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, THESEUS Research and Development Prograamm

Project duration

June 2007 - May 2012

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Last update: 21.02.2012

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