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DissOnline Portal - Construction of a Portal for Online Dissertations


The objective of the DissOnline portal was to collect electronic dissertations and post-doctoral publications in one portal, and to make them available as part of a network. In this regard not only online dissertations held by public institutions (university and library servers) are to be included, but also documents offered by commercial providers, with corresponding access concepts. Search and retrieval interfaces to date do not meet the requirements of science and research and do not exhaust the technical potentials. Apart from searching metadata, a full-text search option is also planned. The focus is on the collection, preparation and provision of these materials and an offer of individual retrieval and display options, which is unparalleled anywhere so far. The portal makes available online dissertations from Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as German-language and foreign-language online dissertations with reference to Germany. The portal offers specific search options and links to specialist (including international) portals and the subject portal vascoda.

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2005 - 2008

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Last update: 21.02.2012

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