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NESTOR - Network of Expertise in Long-term Storage of Digital Resources


The objective of the project was to create a competence network of long-term archival storage and long-term availability of digital resources in Germany. The competence network should create structures, which ensure that digital resources in Germany are archived on a long-term basis, are secured and are made available for use. Through national and international co-operation, a contribution was achieved towards safeguarding our global cultural heritage. Within the project, the following range of choices were developed, among others

  • a Web-based information forum with various content options for long-term archival storage and long-term availability of digital resources in Germany
  • criteria for trusted digital repositories
  • suggestions for procedures for a certification system for digital archives
  • policies for long-term archival storage of digital resources
  • a work-structure for the long-term availability of digital resources in the museum area
  • co-ordination of division of duties and the assumption of long-term duties, especially in the delineation between the library, archive and museum areas

Project partners

German National Library was in charge of carrying out the project in co-operation with

Since July 2009, nestor is maintained on the basis of a cooperation agreement between its partners.


The project was a sub-project of the project "Competence Network New Services, Standardisation, Metadata (Kompetenznetzwerk Neue Dienste, Standardisierung, Metadaten)", funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Project duration

1 June 2003 - 30 June 2009

Project homepage

Last update: 06.12.2011

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