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ODE - Opportunities for Data Exchange


The collection of research data is a huge investment. Permanent access to such data, if quality controlled and in interoperable formats, will allow better use to be made of this investment because it allows other researchers to (re)use them.

The project ODE investigated emerging best practices in sharing, re-using, preserving and citing data, the drivers for these changes and barriers impeding progress. Stakeholder groups were consulted and engaged at the national and European levels, key actors in emerging e-Infrastructures with a mature data layer and, of course, the scientists who produce the data in the first instance.

ODE delivered to the European Commission and to key stakeholders in the emerging e-Infrastructure a better understanding of

  • Opportunities generated by data sharing, re-use and preservation
  • Unmet needs of the worldwide scientific community for access to, and re-use of, scientific data
  • Necessary alignment of national policies and strategies on scientific data produced by publicly-funded project


In the project the following reports were published and distributed at conferences:

  • The "Ten Tales of Drivers & Barriers in Data Sharing" brochure describes the exchange of research data from the point of view of ten individuals in the fields of science, infrastructure facilities and research support.
  • The "Integration of Data and Publications" report is devoted to the field of scientific communication and shows, on the basis of the latest developments, how e.g. libraries and publishers handle research data and ensure their accessibility.
  • The final report summarises all the findings obtained in the project on drivers, barriers, possibilities and opportunities in the exchange of research data and provides recommendations for the five key stakeholder groups (researchers/research institutes, research sponsors/financial backers, libraries, publishers, data centres).

Project partners


European Commission, Seventh Framework Programme

Project duration

1 November 2010 - 30 November 2012

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Last update: 20.02.2013

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