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In this project, the technical, legal and content-related prerequisites for a pan-European information service were examined on the basis of decentralised holdings of digital and conventional materials in participating national libraries. Via the TEL Service it is now possible to search and directly access the holdings of European national libraries, in particular digital material, via a single interface and with a single search inquiry. The identification and clarification of copyright and licensing issues and the development of a business model were central to this process.

Project partners

The project was part of the EU Key Action 3 IST (Information Society Technologies) programme funded in part by the EU. The German National Library was responsible for the project work packages WP 4 "Interoperability Testbeds" and WP 5 "Dissemination and Use".

Project duration

2001 - 2004

Project homepage

The project results were used to create the web service The European Library.

Last update: 06.12.2011

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