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TEL-ME-MOR - The European Library: Modular Extension for Mediating Online Resources


European national libraries, museums and archives preserve the European cultural heritage, which is increasingly available also in digital form. The national libraries of the "old" member states of the European Union (EU) have made an important contribution to culture, science and society in the digital age by co-operation in European projects (e. g. TEL). The project TEL-ME-MOR was the first comprehensive measure towards the construction of co-operation and partnership between the libraries of the "old" and the "new" EU member states and towards an integration of their national information services into the common European library service of The European Library.

Project partners

Project co-ordination


European Commission, Sixth Framework Programme

Project duration

1 February 2005 - 31 January 2007

Last update: 06.12.2011

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