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BIBFRAME - Bibliographic Framework Initiative


The established formats used by libraries for exchanging data, such as MARC 21 and MODS, are no longer deemed fit for purpose as a result of the increasing level of digital interconnection in the information world. Consequently the Library of Congress launched the "Bibliographic Framework Initiative" (BIBFRAME) in 2011, aimed at replacing the existing formats. The possibilities opened up by Linked Data and Semantic Web technologies were to be taken into account. Modelling and vocabulary issues were explored in collaboration with Zepheira, OCLC and other partners. The decisions were then documented and various tools made available for testing.

As one of the members of the "Early Implementers Group", the German National Library actively supported the initiative as part of its efforts to internationalise the German standards. The main objective of the first phase of the BIBFRAME project was to contribute to the BIBFRAME point papers and to glean experience from carrying out a prototypical conversion of the German National Library data from Pica+ into the BIBFRAME format. This conversion has been available since February 2014 via a link in the bibliographic information of the DNB catalogue.

The German National Library continues to act as disseminator and contact partner for the initiative within the German-speaking countries and makes use of existing structures and bodies to provide information and incorporate this experience into the initiative. Collaboration in the PCC Task Group on URIs in MARC is advancing the preparation for new solutions.

The second phase of the BIBFRAME project of the German National Library is currently at the planning stage. The objective of this is to update and extend the prototypical representation of DNB data in BIBFRAME.

Project duration

October 2012 to February 2014 (phase 1), to be followed by phase 2

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Research papers on BIBFRAME with participation by the German National Library


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