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WebDewey Search is an open access retrieval tool for resources catalogued using Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) which replaced MelvilSearch in late November 2012.

General information on WebDewey Search

WebDewey Search enables word-based searches (and DDC number searches) for resources catalogued using DDC. The German translation of the Dewey Decimal Classification, itself based on the 22nd edition of the DDC yet already containing many DDC 23 updates which are continuously incorporated into the DDC data base, serves as the data stock for browsing and searching.
The part of DDC Deutsch featured in WebDewey Search is freely available under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0. (Further information)

WebDewey Search functionalities

WebDewey Search provides users with various search options. Users can target a specific point in the DDC hierarchy via a word-based search in the index of the DDC Relative Index terms or a DDC notation search. Moreover, it is also possible to browse using the schedule and table numbers (geographical entities, for example). This allows users to browse down to the lowest levels of the class hierarchies and thus to the most specific topics.

If there are titles relating to the search topic in one or more of the linked library catalogues, users can click the link of the selected catalogue to access the search results page of the relevant library or library network. In the title match selection in WebDewey Search, the user can choose between "Titles in this class," "Titles in this class and subclasses" and "Other titles".

The column "Other titles" is a new feature compared with MelvilSearch: it shows results for titles that have been catalogued using a synthesized DDC number that contains the chosen notation as a component. Thus, "Other Titles" of the number 621.8 (mechanical engineering, machine technology) displays e.g. the titles with the number 338.476218 (machinery in the workplace). The column "Other Titles" thus provides a more exploratory search approach and extends the search to titles with topics (e.g. mechanical engineering) which are covered in another field (e.g. economics).

Integration of the tables in WebDewey Search offers the user two new search options: 1. Permitting word-based searches of table contents (or by number), 2. Permitting browsing (similar to the schedules) in the hierarchies of the tables to explore specific issues and be able to view the thematic environment. In each case, this yields works that have been catalogued with a DDC number which includes the selected table number. For example, in the T2--43624 Linz class a user will find all titles in the selected catalogues which have added the geographic entity Linz as an aspect. This includes the title: Der Linzer Hafen / Elfriede Maria Klepoch. - Erfurt : Sutton, 2011, which was catalogued with the DDC number 386.8640943624 and contains T2—43624 for Linz as a geographic number component.

In addition to searches for geographical entities, searches are also possible using the standard subdivisions (e.g. T1-092 Biography), specific literature topics via the tables T3A, T3B, T3C, languages and language families (linguistics) of table 4, ethnic and national groups of table 5 and individual languages of table 6.

Integration of catalogues in WebDewey Search

A connection via a local online catalogue or network catalogue is required to use WebDewey Search. Matches in the respective catalogue of a class and of this class plus its more specific sub-classes are queried, as are (following the transition to WebDewey Search) matches for the number components in individual catalogues (i.e. the tables and added schedule numbers). Clicking on the number of matches transfers to the respective online catalogue where the found works are displayed.

WebDewey Search can currently be used to search in the following holdings:

  • German National Library (DNB)
  • Common library network (GBV)
  • HeBIS network catalogue (HeBIS)
  • SUB Göttingen (SUB)
  • Southwest German library network (SWB)
  • FU Berlin (FUB)

All catalogues can be searched simultaneously, but it is also possible to restrict the search to one or more catalogues.

Last update: 05.01.2017


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