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nestor - network of expertise in long-term storage of digital resources in Germany

nestor is a cooperation association including partners from different fields, all connected in some way with the subject of "digital preservation". The following cooperation partners are currently active in nestor:

A cooperation agreement exists with the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC), a British coalition for long-term digital preservation.

nestor and the Open Preservation Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

Associated partnerships exist with the Computerspiele Museum Berlin and the Bundesamt für kerntechnische Entsorgungssicherheit (BfE) and the FTKForschungsinstitut für Telekommunikation e.V. .

nestor was set up as a BMBF (German Federal Ministry for Education and Research) sponsored project (2003-2009) and has been continued on an independent basis by the former project partners together with other organisations since July 2009.
As a network it brings together a disparate array of institutions affected by digital preservation, experts and active project participants, all committed to the exchange of information, the distribution of tasks, the development of standards and the exploitation of synergy effects etc.

nestor's work is not, however, restricted to Germany-based activities.The partners maintain close links with corresponding initiatives in other countries and are actively involved in European and international initiatives and projects.

nestor speakers

since March 2018

Dr. Peter Leinen
Fachbereichsleiter Informationsinfrastruktur, Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (German National Library)

Prof. Dr. Gerald Maier
Präsident des Landesarchivs Baden-Württemberg

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schneider
Chief Information Officer, Direktor of the Rechenzentrum der Universität Freiburg

Participation in nestor

Further institutions working in the field of digital preservation, or certain aspects of it, are always welcome to join or to cooperate with nestor.


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