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Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen

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Since its inception in 1734, the SUB has represented an innovative information centre for the Georg August University, State Library of Lower Saxony and the Library of the Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities. It functions as a national library for the 18th century with regard to the Sammlung Deutscher Drucke 1450-1912 and manages 17 special collections.

Competences and priorities in the area of long-term preservation

One objective of the SUB Göttingen is the long-term provision of digital knowledge and information resources for academics and students. For many years a focus of the SUB Göttingen has therefore been in the field of long-term preservation of digital resources and research data. This includes in particular national and international liaison, the development of LTA solutions, training and consulting.

For several years now the SUB has been involved in local, national and international projects devoted to the long-term safeguarding and provision of digital research data. Special focuses include the development and adaptation of virtual research environments, the integration of long-term data management in scientific workflows and offering advice to a variety of scientific disciplines.

From the outset the SUB has played an active role in the nestor network, and also beyond in different networks at the European level. In addition it is involved in a number of other projects and activities aimed at developing concrete long-term preservation solutions. Together with other university partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the SUB is active in the field of training and qualification and organises e.g. further training events such as the nestor Schools and the publication of materials such as the nestor Handbook.


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